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I want to swim with you in the sea

Jennifer Lopex is on Will and Grace lol It's funny. I haven't watched this show in for fucking ever. Good times. Anyways, what to say... what to say. I haven't written in here in a while so I'm sure there's all kinds of shit to update on but I'm not really in the mood sooooooooo screw that. Work was good today. Osirius spit on me, hit me, pinched me and peed in his pants when I moved him away from the table because he was smacking Rose in the face. lol He's quite the kid. I think I might kill him lol But I am getting somewhere with him. Shani spit at someone today and he said "we don't do that at school, it's gross" so that's a good thing. Now I don't feel like I'm talking to a walk every time I have to wrestle with him to sit on the wall outside. We'll see. Anyways, I'm sitting here thinking about cleaning my room... I probably won't. My back hurts lol And my stupid fucking hands are still hurting. It sucks. I tried to make an appointment but it didn't happen so I'm going to call again. They just hurt all the fucking time. I'm wearing my new army pants (black and white) from Justin. He went shopping today and got me some so that's nice lol They're really comfy. lol Hmmm.... What else to say? I have a lot of kids in my class right now. 16 to be exact. lol The most I can have. Christian is going to be moved up to the next class in the next couple of weeks. That'll be sad. lol It'll be good though. He's too old for my class any more. I think it'll be good for him... but I'll miss him lol *tear* Anyways, It'll be strange to not have him in my class. Hopefully he won't give Chelsea or Kailie too much trouble. He'll break them in, I know that for sure. I'd expect nothing else. We shall see. Mikey, Chloe, Vincent and Yasmeen are all moving up too. It'll be weird but good. They're all ready. It's not like my class will get any smaller though. Andrew, London, Jade and, Moria are all moving up from Little Ducks. My neck hurts from trying to see the computer screen so I have to go now lol

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