Cassie (scatteredrains) wrote,


Fuck me... I'm online! lol Craziness... just crazy. It's been for-fucking-ever since I've been online. I'm in an amazing amount of pain at the moment... I have the worst cramps I think I've ever had... They woke me up because they hurt so much. Makes me sad. They're better now than they were before but jesus... they hurt. It's the kind of cramps that make me feel sick to your stomach too. LIke... they hurt like crampy and they make me feel like I want to puke. Fun stuff. Anyways, it's Sonya's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONYA! I have to go pick up my aunt from the airport today so that sucks. But it'll be fine. Hmm... What else? OH, I dyed my hair really red... .finally. Not many people like it but that's ok lol It just fits me better if people don't like it. Oh god... I really feel like I"m going to puke. I can't write any more. I have to go lay down or something. Adios people... I"M BACK ONLINE! lol oh man.

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