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So you say it's your birthday.. DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!

Well I have tons of things to write about in here but first off, I have to write about Frank calling me because he just did and I'm angry so I have to. He calls and asks for my mom and I tell him that she's not here. He starts to want to ask where she is and I say "I'll have her call you when she gets home" And he says ok and that she should call his cell. Then...
Him: So what's up?
Me: Nothing.
Him: Nothing?
Me: no.
Him: Well we should go out to dinner together or something, no use in us being mad at eachother all the time.
Me: Um.. ok *small chuckle*
Him: Well why do you have to get like that?
Me: Well just because really any time we try to talk or anything, you end up hanging up on me or calling me a fucking bitch.
Him: I never said "fuck you bitch."
Me: Yes, you called me a fucking bitch and you told me to bite you.
Him: Well I don't know what was said but you were really mean to me.
Me: I don't call you names... I don't call you to hang up on you.
Him: I didn't call to hang up then.
Me: I don't call your house to start shit.
Him: The only time I called to start shit was when you egged my stuff.
Me: Mom explained that to you.
Him: Yeah. she did and it seemed pretty weak to me.
Me: Well it was the truth.
Him: Well it hurt me.
Me: Yeah... You hurt a lot of people.
Him: Yeah and a lot of people hurt me. And if you ever want to hear the full story, I'd be happy to sit down and tell you about it.
Me: Oh I've heard it.
Him: You don't know it all. I haven't told you everything and your mom probably hasn't.
Me: I don't call to hang up on you, I don't call to start shit with you and I don't call you names. And you're the adult.
Him: You're an adult to and if you want to be treated like one then you need to act like one.
Me: Well if you want to be treated like a parental figure then you need to act like one. *Hangs up*

I'm not playing any more.
Anyways, last night was so much fun. We gave Colleen her "sex party"... bought her a bunch of porn shop stuff.. Good times. lol The warming lotion stuff was definitely a hit lol Very cool stuff. I had fun playing the dice game... good times. Definitely some interesting stuff going on. I can't say that Amy has ever touched my butt before, have I kissed Liz before or licked Colleen neck. It was fun. I'm glad I didn't have to do anything to Marty because that would have just been awkward lol! Anyways, we had a lot of fun... I hope Colleen enjoyed it. She deserved a party and definitely deserved the gifts ;) lol I have so much shit to clean up but that's ok lol I'm going to go do it as soon as I get off the computer which will be soon lol Happy 19th year Colina! I hope it's a great one.
Also... I need to write a little bit about the strip club on Wednesday lol I can't say that I've ever had a girl grind on me like that before.. interesting stuff. I can't say that I didn't like it. Ok, some of them I definitely did NOT like lol They were rough or scary or whatever but some of the others were nice. It didn't turn me on because girls just don't really do it for me all that much but it was nice. Comfortable in the sense of a blanket being comfortable I guess... if that makes sense. A blanket doesn't turn you on or do anything for you but it can still feel nice. And jesus Christ... I definitely didn't expect to be laying on the table with a girl other me and her pussy in my face like that lol That was a surprise to say that least. Entertaining of course. lol It was fun. Colleen got so uncomfortable which was fun to watch. Justin too. They get so... tense lol Makes me laugh. But I guess it's nice to see in a way... your boyfriend get tense when other girls grind on him lol I didn't really get all that jealous. I mean some of them I was like "OMG! Did that just happen?" lol But it wasn't a jealous thing. And of course there were moments of self- doubt but I was reassured easily. Shocked the hell out of all of us when that like second stripper put her head in his lap and pulled the dollar out with her teeth. I think Nichole's face was one of the funniest. Her jaw just dropped... mine too lol We had fun. I think Colleen had fun... scared her a little but had fun lol All in all, I think she had an ok birthday... I hope lol I have to go clean up now.

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