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Just like that old time rock 'n roll

You call me a fucking bitch and expect me to come over and be all friendly? You tell me to bite you and hang up on me and then expect me to make conversation? You're fucked up... completely and totally fucked up. Bi-polar, mid-life depression, fucking crazy... all these things come to mind. Leave me the fuck alone or I will be forced to let you know, once again, all the things I think about you. Also, if you're going to fucking play nice and pretend that you want me to come to your pretty new house... Don't give everyone a room but me. Eat me? Fuck off. The end.

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May 18 2004, 09:07:42 UTC 12 years ago

Damnnn girl seems to me like your having troubles
what happened?
Let's egg it.
egging party of 4? we have a lovely spot just blocks from your house and on the menu egg ala cart!
Frank sucks and is a dick... that's not really an update I guess but still needed to be said. That's all about him. Fucker thinks it's ok to come into our house now and call her names in front of his/her kids... not ok. The end.
egging sounds like fun, and we all know we're good at it!