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There was nothing left to say and that's alright

Well I'm home for once at 8:30 at night so I thought I'd update considering I never do any more and truthfully I miss typing lol How sad. I don't miss the people I talked to or the writing in my journal all that much... I miss the typing lol Anyways. I'm talking to Derek at the moment actually. I forgot how entertaining he is so that's fun. Justin's stopping by school so I'm just waiting for him to do that and then come over. Tomorrow is his birthday and we're going to dinner with his family so that'll be fun. I threw him a party on Saturday here at my house and I think he had fun. lol It entertained me. We all danced and screwed around all night and then had dinner. Tortellini. Good stuff. Anyways, then everyone started slowly leaving and my family got progressively drunker so they left too lol I slow danced with Justin a little bit and then we went in the hot tub. It was so nice. My feet hurt like a bitch from being on them all night so he rubbed them. We ended up going back to his house and spending the night. Then we had a little fun haha.. that sounded whore-like. Anyways, It was lots of fun.. I wanted to do something nice for him for his birthday. It's his 21st.. that's kind of a big one lol I think we're going to Vegas for a weekend so that'll be fun too. I love birthdays lol I really do. And I'm not really sure why.. I guess everyone deserves a day dedicated to them specifically. Well I think I'm going to go work on some of that group-leader certification stuff and I'm not sure. We shall see.

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